Monday, May 9, 2011

The power of twitter and @ukedchat

I am a big fan of twitter. It is a great way to gossip about the latest episode of the archers, keeps you up to date with breaking news and plugs you in to the most creative and inspiring teachers around the world. I am mercilessly mocked by many of many friends who regularly tell me they are "TOO BUSY" to spend time on twitter. They are missing out - big time. If you are a UK teacher I strongly recommend that you get yourself signed up and start following @ukedchat. This is an incredible forum that brings teachers together every Thursday evening to discuss, entertain and educate. I have learnt huge amounts from generous teachers who share their own resources and give advice and solutions. It has been particularly important to me this year as I have embarked on my own quest to become a primary school music teacher.

The Guardian have written a great article about it. Click here to read

And if you decide to give twitter a go be sure to say hi to @jackieschneider and join in the next #ukedchat on Thursday from 8 - 9pm!

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