Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Using the blog to teach music

When I first started writing this blog it was to help me as a learner. It then became a way of collecting online resources. Now it seems more useful as a way of showcasing pupils work and a place to put up resources to show the children directly. I would be interested in hearing from other teachers about the pro's and cons of using a blog versus an MLE such as fronter

This afternoon I worked with a year 3 class on composition and stick notation and decided to see if I could present the children's work in a display format they would find interesting and helpful. The 6 posts that precede this are a record of that. I used my iphone to record the audio clips and take the pics.Incidentally if you have a spare minute to take a look and can leave a comment that the children will be able to read I would be very grateful!

I think I am going to plan next half terms work directly on the blog and see how it goes. Watch this space!

Composing and performing in year 3 - Group 5


This group were quite pleased with their work.

" We did it really well but we need more practice to keep in time"

Composing and performing in year 3 - Group 5

Composing and performing in year 3 - Group 4


This group found it tricky to work at the same tempo.

" It was hard but when Miss recorded it it sounded much better"

Composing and performing in year 3 - Group 3


This group were disappointed with their performance. This is what they said in their evaluation
" We need to keep in time. We worked hard but we wish we could do it better. We should practise more"

I think that they did well to mark the rest.

Composing and performing in year 3 - Group 2


This group composed their rhythm and then recorded it using stick notation. This is their evaluation of their performance
" We were good but we added an extra 'ta'at the end. When we did it later we made it perfect"

Composing and performing in year 3 - Group 1


The children worked in small friendship groups to compose simple rhythms, record them using stick notation (see photo) and then perform them for the class. What do you think? This group said
"We think it was an 8/10. Next time we will have a conductor"

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Heres a wordle of my blog

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Just discovered Pic Lits

Whilst watching Caroline teach music to key stage 1 I was interested to see how she incorporates story books into her music teaching. I thought of her when I came across this picture site which allows a class to select an image to go with some music you have been making or listening to.

Here is my first attempt to use it. Click here to see the image and text. or click on image below

PicLit from PicLits.com
See the full PicLit at PicLits.comhttp://www.piclits.com/viewpoem.aspx?PoemId=90854

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Singing Sherlocks in action!

I have been trialling a scheme where we train our keystage 2 children to teach songs and singing games to keystage 1 children in the playground. It takes a while for the older children to grow in confidence but this group of singing leaders are really starting to find their feet. It is great to see the younger children mobbing them as they turn up at the singing stop!

I had a chance to put together the 2 year 4 classes to practise their song and drumming rhythms for Tudor assembly. I had recorded an audioboo to help them evaluate their performance but stupidly deleted it by accident. must remember to record next week

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Work shadowing AST teacher Caroline Segolo

Had a fantastic day and my brain is still buzzing from watching the exceptionally talented Caroline teach music at Wimbledon Primary School. She is an excellent teacher and is able to both support children who are weaker whilst pushing more able children to achieve even higher standards.

I was keen to learn from Caroline how she organised the various different activities within her lessons, how she got managed differentiation and assessment, and how the kids recorded their work. I did not come away disappointed! I am far too exhausted to type it all out now for this post but have a notebook full of answers.

It was very inspirational and I think Wimbledon Park students should count themselves lucky to have such an fantastic music education. Although Caroline is clearly head and shoulders above me I didn't feel too downhearted as it has given me really clear goals for what I now want to achieve. I am taking it a term at a time and I know her generosity of spirit means I can go to her for help when I get stuck!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Tudor music for year4

Interesting round for year 4 assembly?

Exploding blobs

I love this! I would really recommend playing the BLOB game