Thursday, February 2, 2012

Year 1 have written some new verses!

Year 1 enjoy singing along to the Sing Up track "A cat sat on a mat" . They are very good at rhyming so they decided to have a go at making their own verses. They have made a picture and recorded themselves singing. If you have a minute please could you have a listen and leave us a comment.

Which is your favourite verse and why?

A pig did a funny jig (mp3)

A fly flew in my eye (mp3)

A mouse lived in a house (mp3)

A dog jumped on a log (mp3)A mole lived in a hole (mp3)

A sheep with big feet (mp3)

This is what Blue class did last week


Nicola said...

Well done year 1, these are fantastic. It's very hard to choose a favourite but I think it's the sheep for me. I like to imagine sheep with REALLY big feet, climbing up a mountain as they chew the grass!

Shelly Ambury said...

Lovely rhymes Year 1. I really like the sheep with big feet. I wonder what kind of shoes they would wear and what colour they'd be? Year one you've got such an inspiring teacher too!