Thursday, April 12, 2012

Songs to celebrate the Olympics for primary schools.

I recently bought a copy of "Singathlon" from Portsmouth Music Service. It contains some great songs that could be used to support Olympic work that schools will be doing. I have chosen a couple songs for each year group in my schools to learn and one or two that the whole school will sing as part of our schools opening ceremony. There are one or two duds and I'm really not sure about "Losers like me" but they are outweighed by some cracking songs such as "Five United Rings" , "Triathlete" and "Bronze Silver and Gold".

It will be useful beyond the Olympics as many of the songs celebrate various sports.

I am planning to ask year 6 classes to make a video of themselves singing "5 united rings" cut with images of sporting images from the school. (We may even find ourselves singing "5 olympics ring"s who knows!)

I am also using the songs from the Sing up website that are featured in the latest issue of the magazine.

We should find out soon which children's song has won the competition to be Merton's official Olympic anthem. Fingers still tightly crossed it will be a St T pupil!

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