Friday, May 4, 2012

Music and ICT at primary school

Whilst I use lots of technology tools in my music lessons - such as audioboo,garageband and social networks I have n't yet tackled teaching any of the ICT components. However that is set to change as I have agreed to teach the music element of the ICT scheme of work we follow. Just for one half term I am transforming the music room into an ICT suite with 30 netbooks, headphone and splitters. I already have an IWB and access to YouTube which is surprisingly uncommon! I plan to use 2simple music, audacity and garageband. I'm a little scared as I don't have much experience in teaching ICT but I think if I focus on the music objectives I will find my way. The good thing about doing it at the end of my first year is that each class has a bank of practical experiences with instruments such as djembes, recorders and boomwhackers that we can take as our starting point to record and begin to experiment manipulating. If anyone has any advice or suggestions please get in touch! I feel more confident knowing I have excellent member of staff at St teresa's that I can call on as well as the talented music teachers I follow on twitter for help. I will be keeping a record of how it goes on this blog so watch this space.

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