Friday, June 1, 2012

Olympic opening ceremony at Poplar Primary

Like a lot of schools Poplar Primary will be holding its own special Olympic opening ceremony. I have been busy teaching each year group a song that they will be performing in the ceremony. I have used mainly songs from "Singathlon" by Portsmouth Music Service and from Sing up.

In addition we have been using a  app on the ipad called ianthems (costs 69p)that allows us to play 48 different national anthems. This has been incredibly popular with the children who are thrilled to find anthems from countries they have associations with.

I am planning to use boomwhackers to help follow the olympic torch procession.

Have a listen to some of the songs.

The triathlete by year 5

Aim high by year 6

Learn to swim by year 3

listen to ‘Learn to swim!’ on Audioboo

I've just spotted this on twitter - a link to olympic animations done by pupils at Uphall School

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