Sunday, September 23, 2012

Using class music lessons to teach maths

One of my schools is concerned that some of their able girls are under performing in maths so they have decided to have a whole school focus on improving maths standards. I believe music lassons can play a real part in improving kids maths so the challenge is on for me to do just that. I am going to start by looking at what attributes successful learners have and try to identify some of the barriers that stop some children making progress are. Then I am going to have a go at seeing how they can be explored in our music making.

 More ideas:

1.I am planning to create a "Maths loves Music" display. Tweeter @DWar has very helpfully suggested I put up 2 lists of maths and music words and get the children to draw the links between them as they occur in lessons.

 2. I shall be listening to this In our Time radio 4 episode exploring the relationship between maths and music

 3. Explore the nrich website which makes the kinks between maths and the real world explicit and is a fantastic celebration of the power and beauty of mathematics. Here is an example of a music maths problem from them

 4. Find out more about the "Count the beat project"


Louise Brown said...

I can't wait to see more about this and hear whether it makes the difference you're hoping it will. I love maths and I know that feeling confident with maths helps in so many areas of life. Conversely I also know that maths is everywhere so to introduce it in music is a great idea. Good luck.

Jackie said...

Thanks Louise - I really appreciate all the help and support that you give me on twitter.

My gut feeling is that we don't make the joy of maths explicit to kids so they grow up thinking maths is a series of arid exercises to be completed for the teacher.

Will let you know if the project makes any difference :-)