Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Three apps I have used this week in music lessons

I have been using my own ipad with music classes and have amassed many apps that are very popular with my classes. I have decided to blog each of the apps I use each week So here are this weeks offerings


I often use this as kids are entering the room. They build up complex rhythms which they can predict and copy. I started with the free version but am now using the paid for version as you can change the balls to different instruments.

  Rhythm Sight Reader Trainer

This is a fantastic tool for teaching note value. I use the Kodaly system and then demonstrate it with this great app. The kids adore clapping along and are keen to demonstrate their skill by competing to get 100%. You can adjust the metronome and set the level very easily so you can adjust for your most timid learners and your most confident learners. it shows you exactly what you have played next!


This is a fantastic app to demonstrate to the kids that music can be created out of the everyday life all around us. You simply use the ipad to record the sounds that all around you and then use these to mix up some great music. You can share the sets on twitter and use other peoples sounds as well. Incredibly creative.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting these Jackie, they look great.