Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Teaching the recorder

Year 4 have responded really well to recorder lessons. We are able to play B, A & G making a good clear sound. We have minimised squeaks by covering the holes really well and controlling our breath. Incidentally - the classroom isn't usually set up with desks in rows facing front but after experimenting I find this the best layout for teaching 30 children

I want to record the class playing some pieces for 3 reasons

1. To create performance conditions
2. To give the children a chance to listen and evaluate their playing
3. To keep a record so the children can hear the progress

However is it dangerous to capture an example that may be poor quality? My instinct says not because it is the process that is important. My professional vanity though says maybe it is not ideal to have examples of less than perfect work on display?

Anyway, while I was wrestling with this particular dilemma I uploaded several audioboos without realising it sent out a message on twitter. So we are in the the public domain and the sky hasn't fallen in on us. Listen!

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