Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Using the blog to teach music

When I first started writing this blog it was to help me as a learner. It then became a way of collecting online resources. Now it seems more useful as a way of showcasing pupils work and a place to put up resources to show the children directly. I would be interested in hearing from other teachers about the pro's and cons of using a blog versus an MLE such as fronter

This afternoon I worked with a year 3 class on composition and stick notation and decided to see if I could present the children's work in a display format they would find interesting and helpful. The 6 posts that precede this are a record of that. I used my iphone to record the audio clips and take the pics.Incidentally if you have a spare minute to take a look and can leave a comment that the children will be able to read I would be very grateful!

I think I am going to plan next half terms work directly on the blog and see how it goes. Watch this space!

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