Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Work shadowing AST teacher Caroline Segolo

Had a fantastic day and my brain is still buzzing from watching the exceptionally talented Caroline teach music at Wimbledon Primary School. She is an excellent teacher and is able to both support children who are weaker whilst pushing more able children to achieve even higher standards.

I was keen to learn from Caroline how she organised the various different activities within her lessons, how she got managed differentiation and assessment, and how the kids recorded their work. I did not come away disappointed! I am far too exhausted to type it all out now for this post but have a notebook full of answers.

It was very inspirational and I think Wimbledon Park students should count themselves lucky to have such an fantastic music education. Although Caroline is clearly head and shoulders above me I didn't feel too downhearted as it has given me really clear goals for what I now want to achieve. I am taking it a term at a time and I know her generosity of spirit means I can go to her for help when I get stuck!

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