Tuesday, December 20, 2011

PSHE songs for assembly c/o Sing up!

Assembly songs KS 1 & 2
Spring Term 1 - SEAL theme Good To Be Me

Week 1
Warm up - H..E..L..L..O
Teach Good To Be Me (to be sung in Friday assembly? KS 1 already know it)
Self esteem message

Week 2
Warm up - Bananas of the world..
Good To Be Me
Teach Great Day (main section)
positive frame of mind  glass half full/half empty discussion

Week 3
Warm up - 1,1,21, etc 1,5,1,4,1,3,1,2,1,5,1,4,1,321
Sing Great Day
Teach other parts (led by YSL)

Week 4
Warm up - say lickety split
Learn  3 little birds  ( give kids chance to sing solo the following week)
Sing Great Day
Having confidence that things will work out, linked to high self esteem

Week 5
Warm up - grandma, grandma
Good to be me
3 little birds  ( with individual solos)

Week 6
Warm up - clap rap
Teach Got To Build It (a good one to sing on a Friday assembly)
We are all useful people capable of sorting out our differences

Week 7
Sing through all the songs we have learnt. Poll on fronter to vote on their favourite song?

So that is my plan for Poplar pupils next term. What would we do without Sing up! Every single song mentioned is available free for anyone to download. So if you are a Poplar pupil or parent visiting here you can check out the songs by searching the songbank here. http://www.singup.org/songbank/

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