Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Young Song Leaders in action!

Take a listen to my young song leaders -

Coffee pot (mp3)

Lickety Split (mp3)

Bananas of the world (mp3)

These are all great warm ups that the children are teaching to the younger classes. They have really risen to the occasion and have proved themselves terrific teachers. Below you can hear the kids talking about their experiences

Ysl interview (mp3)


Soo Bishop said...

Hi YSL Team,
I really enjoyed listening to you singing and chanting - you sound very confident! It was also very interesting to listen to you talk about your experiences so far. Teaching is not an easy job, is it!! I'm looking forward to hearing more news from you after Christmas and learning more songs together.

Keep up the good work and see you soon.

So, 'Off I go' do some paperwork (aghhh).

Soo : ) x

Catherine said...

I like the idea of using audio boo for music clips on your blog - will copy! Great blog - thank you for sharing!
As another enthusiastic but not specialist teacher, I enjoy your approach.
Mrs M @ A Room with a View