Monday, March 12, 2012

10 things I learned at MusicLearningLive!

1. Rt Hon Ed Vaisey, doesn't 'get' the transformative power of music (hence its absence from the EBACC)

2. Jude Kelly from the South Bank Centre does.

3. Mayor of london's cultural youth person thinks the failure of music education is due to trendy lefty teaching ideas of being "nice" to kids

4. Sue Beckett knows a million and one things to do with boomwhackers.

5. A margarine tub makes a great ukele. See the Utterly Butterly project

6. You don't play claves by randomly bashing them together. Thank you Andy Gleadhill

7. Sing up early bird discount ends 26 th March - hurray Jackie hurray, SIGN UP NOW!

8 Cliff Manning, Jonathon Westrup, Marc Jaffrey and David Ashworth are even nicer in real life than they are on twitter.

9. Tomorrow's Warriors rock! Fantastic performance.

10. Music matters.

Thank you Music Education UK for my ticket and thank you Justin for letting me attend. Have a great day if you are attending tomorrow and let me know what I missed.

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