Thursday, March 22, 2012

Year 3 pentatonic compositions

Year 3 have created some sensational work this half term. We have been studying pentatonic scales. We used the book "The Magic Paintbrush" by Julia Donaldson,( author of the Gruffalo) as our inspiration for our compositions. It is a beautiful book with the most exquisite illustrations by Joel Stewart and published by McMillian books. The company have very kindly allowed me to reproduce the images we used as inspiration for our work.

Please have a listen and let us know what you think of our work! Michael Rosen the author has had a listen to all of the clips and sent me a message saying how fabulous the work is and praising the children for their creativity! He said on twitter that this is "wonderful stuff" and what is more he sent a message to all of his followers telling them to have a listen to our work!

"Galloping Horses" written and performed by Bobby, Milan, Juzmin & Sergio

"Jolly Melody" composed and performed by Courtney, Selin, Sosan, Alysha & Robina

"Heartbreak" -

"Angry Emperor" composed and performed by Isaac, Ilja & Hussain.

"Magic Paintbrush"
composed and performed by Danielle, Dhivyah, Justin, Shyloe & Suveyda. This group worked exceptionally well together. Each person made an important contribution.

composed and performed by Muneeb, Daniel & Sienna

This is just a selection of all the work we produced but I hope it has given you a flavour of the fantastic work these talented children are creating. Next week we are going to be evaluating our work and I hope to post up some of the children's evaluations. In the meantime if you could leave us a comment in the box below that would be fantastic!


Nuala O'Hanlon said...

Dear Year 3,

Thank you for sharing your wonderful pentatonic compositions - they made my heart smile! ♥ :-)

You are inspirational and VERY creative!

You are very fortunate to have such a talented and dedicated music teacher who, by the way, is very proud of you!

Keep up the great work!

Kindest Regards from Down Under,

Nuala ♫♫♫

Nuala O'Hanlon
KEYSTONE CREATIONS ~ Educational Songs

Sweyn Hunter said...

Hi Year 3
I live a long way from Merton, on an island in the far north of Scotland, but I noticed your compositions when Mrs Schneider tweeted about them. I am glad I listened - they are very good. Would you mind if I used some of them as phone ring tones? If any of them played when someone was phoning me, they would put me a good mood for any conversation!

Where I live we have a music festival every summer, the St Magnus Festival, which has a course for composers as part of it. is a link to it. Maybe one day some of you will take part in a course like that!

Keep making your music!!